I have wanted to use essential oils for quite some time, but I have a sensitive nose and can smell things a mile away so I was worried about using any. I finally signed up with doTERRA some time at the beginning of last year thanks to my friend Heather from the The Healing Homemaker who has guest posted on my blog and done a fantastic giveaway!  Even though I signed up last year, I have been too intimidated to try them out. FYI…they are much easier to use than it is to cook so I shouldn’t have worried so much.

doTerra Oils and book

Recently I’ve had some terrible back issues that have required injections and 2 surgeries. While the essential oils can’t “cure” my problems, I have been able to use them for various reasons including focusing better at work, helping with an upset stomach, and relaxing while heading off to sleep by diffusing Serenity in my Petal diffuser.

If you have been thinking of experimenting with essential oils, or already know you love them and want to save some money on your purchases – now is the time to “Join the Journey” and sign up as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. You can do so by heading over to my online doTERRA shop and clicking the link that says Join & Save.  If you enroll by May 31st and make an enrollment order totaling 100 PV you will receive 50 product credits FREE and save money on all your orders. By joining you have no obligation to sell and no monthly quotas to meet.  It simply gives you a wholesale membership, similar to having a Costco or Sam’s card, that allows you to buy everything for 25% off retail (sometimes more) and the potential to earn some residual (passive) income by sharing it with your friends.

For everyone who signs up by May 31st using the links above, I will put your name in a hat and randomly select one person to win a beautiful scarf and a bottle of the Ylang Ylang essential oil.  Ylang Ylang has so many uses and can be used internally, topically or diffused in the air, and is often used as a perfume. The scarf and Ylang Ylang were a lovely gift offered this year by doTERRA and I saved one especially for YOU.

doTerra mothersdayscarf