Hi everyone!! Do you have a business that I should know about or write about?

I’ve decided to do a new feature on my blog every Sunday called “Sunday Spotlight.” If you know anything about me (at all) you know that I am a huge supporter of small business and the people who take that challenge on for themselves and their families. I know it’s hard work (that can be very rewarding) and I’m so proud of the people I know that work so hard to make their businesses amazing!

So…every Sunday I will write a “Sunday Spotlight” on a business I love or one you love! If you have an idea of a small business that should be spotlighted send me a message and tell me why so I can add them to my list!!

If you’d like to be featured you are welcome to complete the form below or you are also welcome to e-mail me. If choose to e-mail, please consider these questions as well as those in the form (or anything else you think would be good to feature).

    • How long have you wanted to own your own business?
    • How long have you owned your business?
    • What is your specialty?
    • If your business is a creative one…where do you enjoy being crafty/creative?
    • What are your business goals?  Do you want to have an Etsy shop, website shop, a brick and mortar?
    • Do you already have an Etsy shop or website shop?  Or even a brick and mortar?
    • Do you have anyone working with you?
    • Do you have a blog?
    • How do we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Website URL? Blog URL?  Are you anywhere else we should know about?
    • What do you enjoy doing when you are not focusing on your business?
    • What else should we know about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?
    • Do you have any testimonials you’d like to share with us?

E-mail photos to me at heather@geminiredcreations.com. It’s nice to include a photo of you (business owner), your logo, and a few of your works of art.

Sunday Spotlight form

I can’t wait to tell everyone about you! I mean, let’s face it, secrets are over-rated and no-one ever really wants to keep them to themselves!