In 2013 I set out to do a regular feature on my blog called the Sunday Spotlight. At that time I had sincerely hoped to have enough interest in the series to share a small business with all my readers every Sunday. It’s much harder to get the information out there than I anticipated, so I’ve redesigned it a few times over the years and now I’m settled on posting Small Business Spotlights as frequently as I can based on those forms that I receive.

My passion is small businesses and entrepreneurs. I love to shop at small businesses, network with small business owners, and offer advice and help whenever possible. If I can help anyone avoid the pitfalls of my first try at a full-time small business, I am more than happy to help people learn from my mistakes! I have always been a big supporter of small business, and the people who choose to jump into the deep end of the pool to give it all they have. Owning a business involves a lot of hard work, long days and nights, and time away from family and friends, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the negatives. I’m proud of each person I know that puts in the extra effort to make their dreams come true!

Get Featured…Small Business Spotlight!

On the Advertising & Sponsorship page of the website, you will find links to 2 different Small Business Spotlight forms depending on whether or not you have a handmade business or service business. Fill out one of the forms and Get Featured in the Small Business Spotlight which will be shared on the blog as well as through all my social media accounts. If you know of other small businesses who might like to participate, please share this post with them. I would love to have a lot of businesses to share with everyone!

Joyful Home Designs

Some of the questions on the forms include:

    • What inspires you?
    • Are other people in your family artistic?
    • Do you have a motto or favorite quote?
    • Is your business brick and mortar, internet based, or both?
    • What is your biggest emotional connection to your business?

Complete the form that best fits your business, and be sure to include photos that can be shared in the post. If you have a nice picture of you, or you and your family, be sure to include that because people love to meet the person behind the business!

I’m looking forward to sharing your business with everyone, and learning more about it myself!  Don’t keep it all to yourself – share it with the world!