They say its your birthday…da na na na…it’s my birthday, too now. No, really, it’s my birthday. This year I’m the ripe ‘ole age of 43 and life is good. I really can’t complain. I have great family and friends, a good job, a great little small business, and daily it seems I meet more great people.

In honor of my birthday I’m sharing 43 things about me (this isn’t unique – I’ve seen other bloggers do something similar and it’s quite fun). Here we go:

  1. I was born in 1970 (okay…I totally know you just did the math to double check me)
  2. May 25, 1970 was a Monday and I remember it well (not really…but the birth announcement from the paper says it was a Monday)
  3. I was born in Charleston, SC, but I tell everyone I’m from CT
  4. I Googled to see who all was born on May 25th and I barely recognize any of the names, but was a little excited that Jamie Kennedy and I have the same DOB
  5. I have had one constant friend since I was 4 – Jennifer and I don’t live near each other, but will be friends for eternity
  6. I have had many friends with the name Heather over the years (MANY)
  7. I am very lucky to have all my grandparents still with me with the exception of my mom’s dad (my Buppy is missed daily)
  8. I don’t remember our first dog, Fred – but I believe my mom that we had a dog because I’ve seen pictures (I guess Fred could have belonged to the neighbors, but I hope my mom wouldn’t lie)
  9. In elementary school I was sent out of class because I kept saying “chirp chirp” and drew a little bird on my paper – I wouldn’t shut up (stop laughing…I know you think I never shut up)
  10. When we moved to another elementary school our whole bus got called to the principal’s office for singing a dirty song (the principal had been my grandmother’s grammar school teacher and my dad’s teacher and she thought for sure my brother and I were trouble because of my dad)
  11. My first real true love in high school was a blind date – and we stayed in touch for many years (hmmm…)
  12. I’ve always had this sappy feeling that it would be so wonderful to meet up with someone from high school and fall in love so many years later (well…my 25th HS reunion is coming up LOL)
  13. When I was 11 years old I made business cards out of index cards and included my name, phone number and how much I charged to babysit
  14. My first job was as the paper girl in the condo complex I lived in on Shennecossett Rd in Groton, CT – I thought I was RICH back then!
  15. My first “real” job was an elevator operator in Kerrison’s Department Store in downtown Charleston, SC
  16. In my junior year of HS I worked 2 jobs and continued to work 2 jobs until I was about 28 (see…being busy isn’t a new thing for me – I’ve always worked a lot)
  17. My 2nd job in HS was at D&L in Groton, CT where I met my friend Chrissy, was in her wedding and we are still in touch today!
  18. I was born in SC, moved to NC (where my brother was born) moved to CT, moved to VA (where I started 2nd grade), moved back to CT (where I finished 2nd grade), moved to SC, moved back to CT, moved to OK, moved back to CT, moved to GA in 1998 and have been here ever since!
  19. I have 1 brother who  is 16 months younger than me
  20. According to my mother I started talking early for my age and haven’t shut up since!
  21. I could have been a better student, but I was too busy working multiple jobs and socializing
  22. I have an unnatural fear of jalopys (old cars, hooptys, clunkers, bangers, bombs, beaters, rust buckets, wrecks)
  23. I don’t like butterflies (okay – I like them when they are way over >>>>>there and I am way over here).  When they land on you they are just like every other insect – creepy!  And apparently when you are in a butterfly farm it is inappropriate to flick them!
  24. I like to sleep with one foot out of the covers sometimes
  25. In the summer I’d rather have 4 fans on just so I can still sleep under covers
  26. I have been known to take the dog for a walk at night in my PJs and wearing a plastic tiara (by-the-way – I’d be happy to receive a really nice one that is more appropriate for dog walking)
  27.  I do sometimes saw cawfee and dawg instead of coffee and dog
  28. I love, love, love to beep my horn at people (for good reason, of course! – it’s not like I’m all willy nilly driving down the road beeping for no reason – who do you think I am?)
  29. I would rather drive in NYC traffic than Atlanta traffic
  30. I have modeled nude at an art studio in CT and a college in GA
  31. I wish spas offered back scratching and hair brushing and not just massages (stop laughing – I’m serious – don’t tell me you don’t love when someone scratches your back or brushes your hair.  Don’t lie!)
  32. I have been known to randomly drop shoes around the house trying to kill a creepy crawly bug
  33. I once died my hair platinum blonde (okay – it wasn’t my best look ever, but at least I tried it – I know people who haven’t changed their hair in 100 years)
  34. I tried online dating for a long time (that’s a lot of time I will never get back)
  35. I have been known to say okay to a really bad movie (Clash of the Titans) on a first date just so I look like I’m a nice person (really…what was I thinking – I’m not that nice)
  36. If I won the lottery I’d probably become a crazy cat and dog lady
  37. I’m always afraid that at my funeral some guy will be there sobbing and tell all my friends and family that he wished he would have asked me out on a date (and it would have been the one guy I always wanted to go out with in school)
  38. I seriously told my mom that I can’t live without her and so even though I know it’s not nice for parents to have to mourn their children I hope she understands if I need to die first
  39. I may not be a techno nerd, but I love nerds and I love gadgets!
  40. I am super passionate about small businesses and being an entrepreneur and I WILL be one again someday!
  41. I just purchased my 19th or 20th car that I’ve owned since I first started driving
  42. I would much rather watch an old rerun than a rerun of a new show any day (I love Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Family Affair and all those shows)
  43. Despite some set backs in my life I could not be happier with where I am today!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I hope I was able to make you laugh a little.  Thank you for following my blog and being part of my life.  Here is a glimpse of some looks I’ve had through the years!

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