I don’t consider myself a foodie. Yes, I eat food (and too much of what I shouldn’t) and some of it is yummy – some is not. There are 2 restaurants in/around Atlanta that I really enjoy. These places are so different from each other, but both delicious in their own right.

Agave…a great place with low lights and great ambiance that serves amazingly fresh food with terrific specials daily. Their chips and salsa make a great start to any meal and if you are a margarita or guacamole person – they have something you will enjoy! I love their Agave’s Famous Cayenne Fried Chicken. It is sooo good! If you love chicken and love something flavorful I highly recommend it.

Nuevo Laredo…oh my word! Their food is so good! First, you need to know that I don’t generally like Mexican food. Second, I don’t like steak. I hadn’t eaten steak in about 20 years when I tried it at Nuevo Laredo. To. Die. For.  You need to know that Nuevo Laredo is a small place and most often there is a LONG wait, but it is well worth it!

So, where is your favorite dine in restaurant and what do you love about it?

I’m joining Crossroads Media Hub and some blogging friends of mine in the 30 Days of Writing Prompts – June 2014.  I am not promising a post every single day, but you never know.  There are some fun prompts on the list.  Want to join the fun?  Why don’t you!?  It’s the perfect way to get back into writing if you’ve been stuck for ideas, fun to read what others write about the same subject…and, well, just fun in general!