Do you know where you were and what you were doing five (5) long years ago today? I do! This is the 5th anniversary of what I thought at the time was the worst day of my life! That is the day I walked in my salon and day spa and told my team that “Tomorrow we will not be open. As of right now (5:00ish pm) we are officially closed for business.” I had tried everything I knew to do. Just prior to making that announcement I had placed one final call to my bank and asked for additional money to downsize and move to another location…the answer was no and that sealed my fate. Or so I thought!

Here’s the great thing about life…YOU get to chose how you live it! Only YOU can determine if it will be the worst day of your life. Only YOU can determine if you will let that one day in time – that one day out of the many thousands of days you will be on this earth – ruin the rest of your days. I admit it, for several months I was in a (sort of) funk and state of depression. But most people didn’t even know it. I went to work everyday and thanks to some great people at work and my wonderful family – I survived!

And now, five long years later I live my life like it was the best lesson of my life instead of the worst day of my life. Unless you know me or have heard my story you would not know that I lost a business and still pay for it to this day. By pay for it I mean – I still pay a monthly loan payment for my SBA loan. A payment that in many cases is more than the mortgage payments my friends and family make.  But I refuse to let that ruin my life.

When you wake up tomorrow decide how YOU are going to live your life! Make this decision with both eyes wide open, an open mind and an open heart. Do not let one speck on a large canvas of your life ruin your life. Who wins when you let it consume you? Definitely not YOU.

Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite quotes…