I’m not really sure when the love affair with wreaths started…I know I’ve always seen wreaths at different places, times, seasons, and such and thought “that’s nice” or “that’s pretty.” But, when I got addicted to them in the sense that I’m always think I should make something into a wreath or use it for a wreath I will never really know.

Furthermore, I seem to be drawn to creating wreaths that would really be better suited for hanging on a bedroom door, the mantel during a specific holiday or season, or on a wall in the house. I like frou-frou stuff more than practical stuff or things that can withstand any weather that may come rushing through town.

One of my favorites is this frilly one that I call “TuTu Fabulous” – I think it would be perfect for any little princess!

tulle wreath

My next favorite is my “America the Beautiful” wreath.ย  My father spent (well) over 30 years in the Navy, my step-father was in the Navy, my grandfather was a POW/MIA in WWII and there are other military people in my family.ย  I love the U.S.A. and I’m proud to be an American!

America the Beautiful wreath

I guess by now you can see that I love the girly and frilly stuff…tulle is so fun!ย  I’m working on another creation that is a heart wreath using the stiffer glitter tulle, which will be for Valentine’s Day.ย  This is a glimpse of the work in progress.

Tulle Heart Wreath

Beyond the whimsy of tulle, I also love feathers. Although I can tell you that my vacuum would not agree, nor would my sewing room floor (or the adjoining rooms for that matter). When I work with feathers it seems they end up all over the house (and me). I went to work the other day and picked at what I thought was a loose thread on my dress and it was a little piece of feather that hitched a ride to escape the confines of my crafting room! Here are some feather creations I’ve worked on recently.

Feather Wreaths

And you can’t ignore the cupcake liners! They make an interesting medium for creating wreaths as well. If you’ve never used cupcake liners, it’s quite easy and you can use as few or as many as you want depending on how “fluffy” you want it to be. Some examples that I’ve made are below.


Let’s not leave out the clothespins that don’t get enough love in these days of high tech dryers!

ClothespinWreath (17)

Lastly, it’s equally as fun to use Easter grass! I made these two Easter wreaths by covering a wreath form with wide, white grosgrain ribbon and then gluing on the plastic(ish) Easter grass. Word of caution…it melts a little, but not enough to not stick on or dissolve completely. I found the plastic Easter eggs on sale at Hobby Lobby. This wreath is super fun for a little girl’s bedroom door during the Easter season.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for creating your own wreaths. If being crafty is not your thing, please feel free to take a look at my shop.

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