Thanksgiving Family Fun

Thank you, Heather for sharing some Thanksgiving Family Fun with us. I don’t have children, and it’s always fun to see what my friends with kids do to celebrate the holidays as a family.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and not just because of the food… Mmmmm mmmmmm Thanksgiving!!! But mainly because it always makes me reflect on how blessed I am. Even during hard times I can always find something to be thankful for! It is such a wonderful family holiday and I have so many great memories, I want that for my kids too! Family holiday traditions, I think, are one of the best way to achieve that! So I wanted to start a few new ones this year for Thanksgiving and share with you! Here they are…

First one is thinking of others that are in need. I remember doing Secret Santa with my family growing up with a special fondness, making another’s holiday experience more special just really made it more special for us too! I’ll be sharing a fun ways to do this for Christmas next month, but I wanted to do it for Thanksgiving too! What better way to be grateful for what we have than to give to someone else?? So I took my son grocery shopping with me and we picked out Thanksgiving meals items to give to another family or to a local food shelter. We have a great local one in our city, I’m sure you do too! Check it out!!

Thanksgiving Family Fun (1)

A basket of food for about $20 – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make someone’s holiday special!

Second is making a family craft/decoration for Thanksgiving! This turkey hand craft was so easy, fun and quick! I know I’ll treasure it for years to come too!!

Just trace a hand of each family member onto different colored card stock or construction paper. Cut out the hands and an oval for the turkey body.

Thanksgiving Family Fun (2)

Glue hands down (biggest first), to resemble turkey feathers onto white cardstock. Then add the body, a beak, gobbler and eyes to the turkey. Add any thankful sayings or leave as is! We went with “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed!” and our name with the year.

Love how it turned out…

Thanksgiving Family Fun (3)

“Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!” as my son says! 🙂

Thanksgiving Family Fun (4)

I also found a fun idea on Pinterest for the day of Thanksgiving, get a white tablecloth and have your family write what they are thankful for each year on it!! So sweet! Check it out here…

And last, but not least… Share what you are thankful for! Let your kids hear it, I think that it so important! Through social media I’ve done “30 days of Thankfulness” the last few years. Each day of November you post about something you’re thankful for. This year I’m doing it through instagram with photos. I’ve been sharing that with my 4 year old each day and asking him what he’s thankful for too. It’s so sweet to hear what he is thankful for and to also see him understand what I’m thankful for! I highly recommend doing with your kids too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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