TAG Get to Know Me

I want to thank Ashley at Parsimonious Pash for inviting (well tagging me…and you know, once you get tagged you have to play along) me to participate in the Tag! I’m It! Get to know me! blog hop.

It’s always fun for me when I get to learn more about the bloggers I follow, and I hope you feel the same way.

Here are some Q & As so I can tell you more about me!

Are you named after someone?

I was not named after a person, but instead named after the Heather flowers in Scotland because my father went there a few times in the Navy. And my brother ended up being named Scott after Scotland as well.

When was the last time you cried?

Oh geez…I’m a crier! Hallmark card commercial = cries  Story on the news or Facebook = cries  Funeral from someone I don’t even know = cries So, I’m sure I’ve cried in the last week!

Do you have kiddos?

No kids for me. I knew many years ago I didn’t want kids, and I realize some will think that’s so sad and selfish, but it’s not for me. And, for medical reasons I can no longer have my own so if I ever really changed my mind it would have to be adoption. Just shy of my 44th birthday, though, I can tell you I don’t see me changing my mind any time soon.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

No way! I’m a bitch! Just kidding…some of my friends have said I am the kindest, most generous person they know. If they aren’t lying then of course I’d be a friend of myself!

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Hmmm…nothing I think most people would instantly think of like a drink or food or cigarettes (ewww…cigarettes). I think my thing is old TV shows – Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, Family Affair, The Dick Van Dyke show, The Mary Tyler Moore show, Father Knows Best and The Bob Newhart show.  Absolutely love them!

Do you like your handwriting?

Sometimes – if I have just the “right” favorite pen and the writing conditions are perfect – I love it!

What is your favorite cereal?

I don’t really have a favorite cereal because I don’t eat it often, but if it were going to be something junky and bad for you it would be Captain Crunch Berries or something like that. I do love Granola, though.

What is the first thing you notice about people?

This is going to sound all Judgy McJudgerson, but I notice if people’s clothes are way too tight or dirty/sloppy. Some people really need to invest in an iron!

What is your eye color?

Brown…almost black!  (you can look to the right and see my profile picture and decide for yourself)

Scary movie or happy endings?

Well, I like both. I admit that I am a horror junkie. I love horror movies, books, and tv shows, but at the same time I am a sap for a happy ending that leaves me smiling and maybe even with happy tears in my eyes.

Favorite TV show?

I mentioned them above in my guilty pleasures answer…though sometimes I do watch “new” stuff and fell in love with How I Met your Mother (when it was almost over so I’m really late to the game) and Big Bang Theory. Both of these shows I only catch on reruns.

Summer or winter?

Both as long as they are 75° all season long…I guess that sounds like Spring and Fall!

Hugs or kisses?

My mother will tell you that I am NOT a hugger. I’ve learned to be more of a hugger since moving south because everyone here hugs. But, as a baby when my mom tried to feed me she had to hold me hand in front of me or I would be pinching her back while she held me because I didn’t want to be held.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been away from home?

Without getting a map out…I’ve been to France and Greece. I lived in CT when I went to France and lived in GA when I went to Greece so I don’t know which one is furthest.

Do you have any special talents?

My family would say I can hear and see things no one else can. My grandmother always said “You could hear a gnat fart” – I wonder if that’s a special talent!?

Where were you born?

I was born in Charleston, SC in the Naval Hospital.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, writing and arithmetic sewing

Do you have any pets?

Reba – #rebathespoileddog (yes, she has her own hashtag all over Instagram and Facebook) and Annabelle our old cat

IMG_0160  Annabelle 2-24-13 (1)

Favorite movie?

Since my friends think I’ve only seen 5 movies my whole life (if they quote it I never seem to know it) it’s hard to say. I love a good stupid (I mean really, really stupid) comedy like Water Boy or Dumb and Dumber, but Grease is one of my all time favs!

What color is your car?

My current car is silver…My girl Cate is a Chevy Captiva and she is my 19th or 20th car, I think.  Maybe 18th, but definitely a high number.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Shoot! Am I not there yet?  I know what I don’t want to be – AN ADULT!  It’s overrated – bills, responsibilities, work…oh my!

Thank you so much for tagging me in this little blogging game Ashley! I had a lot of fun and I hope the women that I tag have just as much fun as I did!

I’m trying to get several girls who write on a collaborative blog I manage to play along…so keep an eye on Plum Crazy Life {the blog} to see who goes first!

Want to join the fun? Leave a comment below so I can link to your blog.