Every so often in your life you meet someone that you “instantly” like and admire and I’m lucky that it’s happened in my life a few times.  Most recently the person I met that fell into that category is Lacy of The Southern Charm Co.  And today I’d like to introduce her to you, my blog followers and friends!

Here is Lacy’s story as she told it to me.

Hi, I’m Lacy.  In 2011 when I found out I was expecting my first child I found my creative itch, i have always been a little artistic and quickly became a Pinterest addict! I made my baby girl a car seat cover, hats, little dresses and more, I would post on my personal Facebook page and my friends suggested I start a business, so I did! I did most of my work while I was on maternity leave and soon I was making enough that I was able to stay home with my daughter while putting myself through nursing school. It was really a no brainer that I had to find a way to finish my education since I suddenly became a single mom and I could not afford to pay for child care. With some family support and the drive to survive I went to work building my business. It was a business centered around baby goods, but I began to dabble in other areas like wine glasses, home décor, and jewelry so my “baby business” and name just didn’t fit anymore.   So, in 2012 The Southern Charm Co was born.

You can find a little bit of everything in my shop! I hope to expand my business to include a blog, online store, and even brick and mortar! Currently 98% of my sales from my Facebook page, but recently got my Etsy shop launched.  And, you will want to keep an eye on my Facebook page so you will be one of the first to know about my blog when it launches.  I plan to write about the balancing act of being a single mom, going to school, and running a small business.  I will touch on the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all as well as the sane and the insane that goes along with juggling everything.

Check out The Southern Charm Co’s best seller…Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are fast approaching and these make a great gift.  This one is a “Life Locket” -“what will your life look like in a locket?”


If all that isn’t enough…l recently started a Facebook group to help people like me who run small businesses stay in the know with what’s going on; a place where you can post the events you have going on, auctions, giveaways, contests, etc.  You can also join events from other small businesses in order to sell your items and promote your page!

I know you are thinking “Why take on another thing when you already have so much going on?”   Glad you asked.  The reason I started the Small Business Networking / Auctions group is because when I started my Facebook business page I quickly found many pages that had it going on!  I would ask for advice on how to be successful and how to gain fans.  After many inquiries I was given some of the best advice a new owner could receive. Promote, Promote, Promote! I noticed many of the people who had the most traffic were constantly sharing other businesses! That was the second greatest thing I learned. Shortly after, I found a few groups where you pay a small fee and you can choose certain plans, they had many great features like giving your page shout outs, hosting games, specials, and auctions. Auctions quickly became my #1 money maker! I wasn’t really using other features of their group so basically I was paying to be able to ask questions and get advice and have a network of other great business owners. I thought to myself what if I could create a place to get all this info out there that I had learned? Share with others, learn more, A FREE GROUP to network with some great people. But wait! That’s not all… What if there was a place where you could go to find events and auctions to join, or find vendors to join yours, instead of begging anyone you can find to participate… so that’s what I did!

If you have a small business of your own, you can click here to join Small Business Networking / Auctions group.

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