Despite the fact that there are many bloggers out there, we often become a tight knit community.Even if we never meet one another, we follow each other’s blogs, comment on posts that touch us in some way, and sometimes learn secrets from one another by watching as success comes along. One blogger I’ve seen along the way is Chris K from Adventures of a Thrifty Mama. Although I’m not a mother, she has offered great tips followed by many.

Unfortunately, today her Adventures of a Thrifty Mama Facebook page is updated with notes of R.I.P. as everyone in the blogging community, her family, friends and neighbors mourn the loss of her life at the hands of her ex-husband. A victim of domestic violence, her husband killed her and her oldest son before killing himself and leaving 3 young children without their parents.

I have never been a victim of domestic violence so I will never understand the situation she was in, the fear she must have had, or the reasons she stayed. I cannot pretend to understand. When I owned my salon I had small cards in our ladies room for women to take with them if they needed to reach out anonymously about how to escape domestic violence. I also partnered with the local YWCA to offer free haircuts to women and children escaping the grip of domestic violence and looking to move forward with their life. I took a course through the YWCA to attempt to understand the statistics and the stories of the lives of women who have dealt with this, but to this day I still do not understand. There are options out there, but it is so hard for people to risk everything to start over.

There are several groups on Facebook that Chris belonged to and they are coming together to take collections for the children. Due to the circumstances they are unable to return to the home to gather their belongings. They are in need of clothing and toiletries. Please consider helping. This is a tough time of year for everyone, and can you imagine how much worse it is to be without your parents at Christmas?

WILX10 in Michigan has posted this news article and video with more information about this tragic incident from Thursday, December 5th. Below is information on how you can donate.  Please, think of your family this year and how much you have (including each other) and consider giving to those who need help in this holiday season!

Blogger children

You can also visit the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing to learn more about the Chris Keith Memorial Fund.

Please be in prayer for this family and these children. If you have a happy memory of Chris you’d like to share, please feel free to share below.