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If you follow me on Facebook or we are real life friends you know that Reba our fatty Chihuahua has her own hashtag – #RebaTheSpoiledDog. It could just as easily be #RebaTheHungryDog or #RebaTheChunkyDog, but it’s spoiled because since the first day my mom, stepdad {dad} and I laid eyes on her we knew that she would be spoiled!

Reba (formerly known as Rainbow) was a sad, pitiful excuse for a puppy when my dad say her picture on the website of a local animal rescue site. She had been in foster care for many months, and going back and forth to the rescue facility every week hoping to find her fur-ever home. The suckers people my parents are they couldn’t leave that sad sack of a dog there any longer.

Reba 2009 v2

Sadly, we do not know what kind of life Reba had before us other than the foster home and going back and forth to the rescue facility looking for a home, but we heard that the people who turned her in had children and didn’t realize how much work a puppy would be.  It always upsets me to hear such stories, and they happen more often than we realize.

Reba entered my parents home, where I also live, and instantly took over! The sad, frightened, boney dog you see in that picture is not the happy spoiled fat doggy we have today!  In 2009 she became an official member of the family spending many days with her mommy, nights in the recliner with her daddy, and daily rides in the car with her sissy and mommy.  For the record…she gets 2 rides a day 99% of the time!

Reba collage 09-29-15

Beyond spoiling Reba with love, rides in the car, and trips in her carriage (yes, she has a pink one)…we know that a healthy diet is very important to the health and well-being of our four-legged child and my mother takes great care in ensuring she eats a balanced diet that is good for her!  That is why I am excited to share the Pinnacle brand with you!

For pet parents (and sisters) who are concerned about what they feed their doggy, Pinnacle provides pet food that has high caliber ingredients to give your dog the overall nutrition they need for living a holistic and healthy lifestyle. With ingredients like those listed below, you can count on a happier and healthier dog!

  • Quality ingredients like Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin,Sea kelp, Cottage Cheese
  • Natural, healthy recipes that use high quality proteins
  • Antioxidants to support healthy immune system
  • Fiber to encourage healthy digestion and small stool
  • Promotes general joint health and overall muscle tone
Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato

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