It’s time for Photo-A-Day January 2016 {Fat Mum Slim}! I did a horrible job participating in the Photo-A-Day in 2015 so I am aiming to do much better in 2016!  If you like to snap pictures on your cell phone while you are out and about during the day…you know, beyond the perfect selfie, you should totally join the fun!

Photo-A-Day January 2016 {Fat Mum Slim}

Chantelle, over at Fat Mum Slim, has already released the January 2016 daily photo challenge list (above) and has lots of great info on her blog!

She has The Little Moments app you can download if you are an iPhone user, a Facebook group to share your daily photos and you can play along on Instagram with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday

Photo-A-Day January 2016 {Fat Mum Slim}

Here are the ideas that come to mind for me when I read through the list:
1. Black and White
Finding inspiration in my sewing room and the hundreds of yards of fabric I have…I must have something black and white!

2. What I did today
Currently I have no plans on January 2nd, but it is a weekend so hopefully it will be something fun.

3. Water
Water is my favorite beverage so I’m sure that will be in my photo OR since it’s been raining here for what seems like weeks on end…maybe it will be a huge rain puddle!

4. Circle
Just looking around my desk area I am surrounded by circles!

5. Leaves
Nothing but brown winter leaves out there right now, but thankfully we have some nice plants in the house.

6. Something blue
Maybe some more fabric inspiration will be used for this one.

7. Reading
The only thing I’m really reading right now is the new SELF journal I ordered and received recently after participating in a Kickstarter campaign.

8. Landscape
Sadly, I wish our landscape was more lush right now, but it’s winter and everything is brown.  This will be a tough one.

9. Shoes
I love shoes!

10. Lucky
I have a coin I keep in my wallet with me at all times.

11. Outdoors
Hopefully on the 11th we will have sunshine where I am (no rain and hopefully no snow)!

12. Something I wore
I will be working this day, most likely from home, so I will probably have on jeans and a cute top.

13. Three of a kind
Hmmm…I will have to think about this a bit.

14. Close-up
I’ve tried multiple times to take a close-up of my own eye.  Maybe this will be the day it works!

15. Mail
I often get packages in the mail since my business if run out of my house – perhaps this is the day something exciting shows up!

16. Chair
I have an old chair in my bedroom that holds a few handmade blankets that were made by my grandmother on my dad’s side and my stepdad.

17. Faceless
I will have to put my brain to work on this one. Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

18. White
I pray it isn’t snow…I hate snow and I will be very, very sad if we have snow!

19. In the hand
There are so many cute things in the house that would be perfect for this photo opportunity.

20. Patterns
We might be back to my fabric collection for this one.  And just in case you are wondering – the page I have on my website to show customers my fabric selection for their custom order is just a glimpse of my fabric options!

21. Morning
Mornings in my house look like me not wanting to get out of bed.

22. Night
Night consists of spending time in the recliner with my #RebaTheSpoiledDog

23. Play
Maybe this will be a good day to do the puzzle I received for Christmas.  Does that count as play?

24. Window
My bedroom window always has light coming in each morning as I fight getting out of bed (refer to number 21).

25. Numbers
I have lots of inspiration for numbers.

26. Simplicity
Right now I’m not good at keeping it simple so this will take a little work.

27. Telephone
I have my grandmother’s old rotary phone that I remember from when I was a kid.

28. Smile
I love to smile! My mom always says I smile BIG in all my pictures!

29. Home
I love my home! It looks even better with flowers out front in the spring and summer, but still love it no matter what!

30. Flatly
I recently did this with a stuffed owl I listed in my shop so I guess you could say I got a little practice!

31. Me
I do this all the time so you might say I’m kind of a pro!

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So, are you ready to join the fun?  Hop over to Fat Mum Slim and make sure you link up and get reminders!