I’ve been telling you all about Pick Your Plum for a long time! I occasionally post the daily deal they are having because I absolutely love what they have to offer. They have the cutest craft supplies and all kinds of super stuff.

Today I received my grab box in the mail! They offer grab boxes every couple of months or so. Even though I think I should refrain, because I have more than enough “stuff”, I can’t seem to pass up a fun grab box. I did a video today to show you all the goodness that was inside! Ignore the fact that I’m an amateur video producer (and I use the term very loosely).

The fun thing about the grab boxes is sometimes I don’t order things when it’s the daily deal, but I know that it might make a good gift for someone. So when it comes in the grab box it’s even more fun (and gives me stuff to hide in my “gift closet”).

Monday – Friday you can find great deals at Pick Your Plum. The launch at 9:00 am ET (but sometimes they are sneaky and launch it a little early to keep us on our toes). Grab boxes happen at 9:00 am ET on Saturday – to the dismay of those who want to sleep in, but if you are stalking the grab boxes you are thankful people want to sleep in. They have only a certain number of them (usually around 200).

Here’s a better look at the items that came in the box…


It’s fun to get comments, so be sure to leave yours today! Tell me all about any grab boxes you’ve ever gotten and how much fun you’ve had digging in to see what you got!

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