If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you know I am strong advocate for small business and love to promote my friends who have small businesses because I understand first hand the hard work it takes.

Well, I’m bubbling over with excitement here for my good friend, Heather Swanepoel, and her awesome company Rinse Bath & Body. They have the opportunity to sell their yummy 4 pack of (wine) soaps on Uncommon Goods. Yes…that’s right, you heard (read), that right – UNCOMMON GOODS.  If you haven’t been on that site you are sorely missing out. They have such great (uncommon) stuff you won’t want to miss and when you start searching their site you will wonder how you lived without any of it!

This is the chance for you to help them make this dream come true. Below is some information about how to help them sell on the Uncommon Goods site (I stole this from the Rinse Bath & Body Facebook page – but don’t worry – Heather won’t mind).


Vote for Rinse… and pass this on! (Click on the underlined Vote to take you to the page to vote)

Uncommon Goods (an amazing website & catalog) is considering our Box of Wine Soaps and have initiated a Vote. The more buzz the product gets now, the more likely it will become a part of the UncommonGoods assortment, and the better chance it has to become a best-selling product.

Please help Heather (and Rinse) build some buzz. It just takes minutes!
Here’s what you can do:
1. Vote thumbs up!
2. Leave a comment. UncommonGoods reads every single comment and will look for the best when deciding how to market my product to their customers.
3. Ask your friends to vote. UncommonGoods offers several ways for you to share my item right on the voting page! First, click the Facebook like button. UncommonGoods is tallying up the Likes, just like they tally votes. Then pick an icon (email, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or Kaboodle) to share with your friends and family. Or pick all of them!

May 2019 – I now offer a few of Rinse Bath & Body products in my shop. You can order them along with your favorite handmade GeminiRed Creations items.