Oh Father Time…how I wish we were better friends some days. But, I promise that with this pretty personalized clock hanging up in my house I will try to be nicer to you.

Straight from the powers to be at Pick Your Plum this is what is on the horizon today!

Ah, time. We never seem to have enough. We really wish we could ignore it…especially in the mornings amIright?!?! But since we can’t, we are going to do the next best thing for you and help you feel a little flutter of joy every time you glance at the time.

A clock made just for YOU! Clocks are just fun to look at and decorate with. A personalized one takes that up a whole bunch of notches and is an experience to look at. It tells a story while it keeps the time.

Think Christmas presents…stock up and check a bunch of people off your list in one simple online transaction!  Start shopping at Pick Your Plum now!

Personalized Clocks

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