Once again I’m here to spotlight a wonderful little business I discovered via my networking group on Facebook. Lauren recently asked a question within the group and from there we started messaging.  She has some really cute accessories and I’d like to share more about her and her company!

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GeminiRed Creations: How long have you wanted to own your own business?
Lauren: I have enjoyed being crafty ever since I was a little girl. Even when I was in college studying to be an occupational therapist I thought about opening my own business doing something with crafts. I told my husband years ago when we first met that one of my goals on my bucket list was to open an Etsy shop. At the time I wasn’t even sure what I would sell, but I knew I wanted to do it.

GeminiRed Creations: How long have you owned your business?
Lauren: I have officially been open for business for about a month. LEAP Boutique opened in early March.

GeminiRed Creations: What is your specialty?
Lauren: I sell custom and ready made headbands and hair accessories. I have some fun creations that I have come up with for sale, but also love custom sales and have had lots of fun creating hair accessories for special occasions or to match special outfits. I make everything from fancy to casual hair accessories that can be worn every day. I can personalize my headbands with a variety of ribbons, designs, colors and even names.

GeminiRed Creations: What are your business goals?  Do you want to have an Etsy shop, website shop, a brick and mortar?
Lauren: At this time I sell primarily from my Facebook page. I recently opened an Etsy shop but am just getting started with it. My goal is to have a fully running Etsy shop and maybe a website shop in the future.

GeminiRed Creations: Do you have anyone working with you?
Lauren: At this time, it’s just me working on my creations.

GeminiRed Creations: Do you have a blog?
Lauren: Not yet, but this will probably be next up and I’m very excited for this!

GeminiRed Creations: How do we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Website URL? Blog URL?  Are you anywhere else we should know about?
Facebook – LEAP Boutique
Etsy – LeapBoutique
Pinterest – Lauren Karas-Shanks

LEAP - LaurenGeminiRed Creations: What do you enjoy doing when you are not focusing on your business?
Lauren: I enjoy spending time with my two little girls, Evelyn, 3 years old, and Audrey, almost 4 months. They are my inspiration for starting my business. I enjoy crafting of course:-), playing the piano and working out, which is something I’m just getting back in to since having my youngest in December. I’m on maternity leave from work right now, but work as an occupational therapist in a school and love helping kids reach their goals.

GeminiRed Creations: What else should we know about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?
Lauren: I am both blessed and cursed with a very stubborn and competitive personality. Though it’s helped me along the way by driving me to do my best and achieve the highest quality work possible in all facets of my life, it has also driven me to be an overachiever! This has recently lead to many late nights as I get my business up and running.  I don’t like to stop until things are perfect and complete.

Also, I am super family oriented and am loving how this business allows me to be active in my kids lives during the day even if it means late nights after they are in bed. Another fun tidbit is that LEAP stands for each member of my family 🙂 L = Lauren, E = Evelyn, A = Audrey, P = Paul (hubby).

LEAP flower clips LEAP headbands





And, if learning all about Lauren and her awesome business, LEAP Boutique wasn’t enough, we will be doing a GIVEAWAY!  Lauren has graciously offered to give the lovely readers of GeminiRed Creations a chance to win something out of her shop.  You can check out the album here!  Be sure to share this post with all of your friends so they have a chance to win too, and to help spread the word about Lauren’s new biz!

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