Welcome to Sunny Sunday 05/08/16!

Not only was today an absolutely beautiful and sunny Sunday – it was Mother’s Day. I hope you all had a terrific day with your families.

Lost Baby Beaver at DC Subway is Cared For Until Help Arrives (VIDEO)

This video kind of makes me chuckle because while my mom and I were traveling from Georgia to Connecticut one year I saw an animal sitting on top of a fence and said “look – a beaver!” BTW – there are no beavers living in fields near the highway. So now the joke is I call every little brown animal a beaver. But, hey, this one is in the city so maybe I’m not that off base!

Royally Awesome School Elects Muslim Prom Queen In San Bernardino County

I think this is a fantastic story because as a nation we need to remember that not all Muslims are bad people. In fact – no “one” sect of people is bad. Within each group there are bad people and we need to stop making generalizations!

Holocaust Survivors Finally Get Bar Mitzvahs 70 Years After WWII

In a world that still has people saying that the Holocaust never happened I am so happy these men and women were able to celebrate a rite of passage they missed in their earlier years. I love this quote from the story:

“After we finished, everyone had a spirit of harmony. Here we are, we have done it,” Solomon Moshe told CNN. “We are here today more complete, and we feel that we got back what was missing.”

Harlem teen joins Community Board to tackle neighborhood issues

Sometimes we really need to look to the kids in this world to make a difference! We focus so often on the kids who are not doing the right thing, but there are great kids out there doing a lot of wonderful things!

LA Offers Tattoo Removal For Inmates Who Regret A Tattoo Or No Longer Wish To Be Associated With Gangs

We all probably wish we could get a “do over” for something in our life! This project is giving former inmates with tattoos their 2nd chance!

The Tattoo Removal Service gives inmates a visible change for the better and receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.

Boy’s service dog poses in yearbook: ‘She’s part of our school’

When a person of any age needs a service dog, that service dog often becomes part of the family. And, in this case – a part of the student body!

This Guy Meets With A Homeless Woman Every Tuesday To Teach Her How To Read

I absolutely fell in love with this story when I read it. If we all just took a moment of our time to help someone else imagine the impact we could have on the world!

Granddad Shocked When Grandson Surprises Him With New Car (WATCH)

We all have moments in our life when we think of what we can do to repay our parents or grandparents for all they have done for us. This is the perfect story of what can happen when you are able to fulfill that promise!

Man With Down Syndrome Opens Cool Snow Cone Shack

Congratulations to Blake for realizing there really are no limits (of course, it helps that he had great parents who helped him believe that was true)!

“We were told Blake wouldn’t be able to do things, and we looked past that,” Mary Ann told ABC. “You don’t know us. You don’t know our child, so don’t label him. We haven’t, and he turned out great.”

Sheryl Sandberg honors single moms with Mother’s Day tribute on Facebook

Single mothers have a lot on their plate. We need to give them a lot more credit for all that they do. (And that goes for single dads, too!)

Let me know what you think of these happy stories, and feel free to share a link to some you’ve found inspiring!