Is everyone ready for a fun (and messy) kids DIY project? This is perfect for those days when you are stuck in the house with the kids and they are bored…surprise them with this Condensed Milk Paint kids DIY project!

Condensed Milk Paint (1)

Angel from Baby Toting Mama is always good at finding fun DIY projects to do with her kids! Angel experimented with Condensed Milk Painting an idea she originally found over at Ecemadeeasy and thought it seemed easy enough to do.  It’s also quite easy to do on a day when you have a short amount of time. Let’s hear from her how it all went!

Condensed Milk Paint (2)It really was as easy as it looks! I spooned the condensed milk into the ice cube trays, added a few drops of food coloring and mixed with a toothpick.  You can get A LOT of paint out of one small can of condensed milk.  I probably only used 1/8th of our can! 

Once I had the paint mixed up I set everything out, gave the kids the an egg template so they could decorate their own Easter eggs (you can use any picture your want or just give them a piece of blank paper to paint) and let them go at it! I printed the template out on card-stock to make it sturdier as this paint can get a little heavy when it dries.

My daughter liked to get a lot of the paint on her brush and let it drip off in a sort of stringy manner. My son liked to wet his brush first and then get the paint and spread it. You can see the different textures the paint can create in the pictures below.

Condensed Milk Paint (3)

Condensed Milk Paint (4)

I felt that the paint was a little messy when using a smaller brush. I think a bigger brush may have been a better option. The good thing is this paint is edible so if you have a messy artist who likes to put their fingers in their mouth you do not need to worry about toxins. Clean up was as easy as prep work. All together I think we spent 45 minutes on this activity.  Drying time is 3 to 4 days.

Condensed Milk Paint (5)

Grab the kids and start painting!  Are you ready to have some good clean (I mean…messy) fun?

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