My friend Angel over at Baby Toting Mama had some summer fun with the kids when she found a paint bucket full of vintage buttons. She insistently knew she HAD to have them but had no idea what to use them for.  She found all different colors, shapes, textures and sizes, and decided it was time to bust them out and do a project with them! This Button Art kids DIY project is fun and easy and perfect for young kids.

Buttons (1) v2

This is a very basic craft, using just glue, buttons and paper, cardboard, canvas or anything else that you find in your craft supplies. My son LOVED it! He decided he wanted to make a gift for someone so we made it a bit fancier.


  • Buttons (flat back works the best)
  • School Glue
  • Cardstock, paper, canvas (something for a base)

I used canvas, instead of paper or cardstock, to make a nice sturdy base easy for displaying since it was for a gift. I made sure to paint and prep these since my son would NOT want to wait for the paint to dry. Next we used some basic Elmer’s School Glue to adhere the buttons! In the ‘R’ picture I just used the glue to draw an R and then my son picked the buttons and placed them on the glue! The tree was a little easier for him since he didn’t have any restrictions on where he could put the buttons! A dab of glue and a button and done!

Buttons (3)

This project was very fun for him. He enjoyed feeling the textures of the buttons, sorting by color and lining them up. This is a great project for kids to work on fine motor skills as well as sensory skills.

Glue is dry and the pictures are done!! He is very proud of his creations!

Buttons (4) v2

P.S. Mother’s Day is coming so this could be a fun project for kids to make something for their mom’s.

Who wouldn’t be proud of these awesome works of art?  Are you ready to make some fun button art with your kids?