Welcome to Sunny Sunday 05/22/16!

It’s another great week full of happy {sunny} stories to share with all of you! The weather this weekend was lovely despite a little rain in between bursts of sunshine and a beautiful breeze here in the Atlanta area. I hope you all had a terrific weekend and are resting up for another work week. My birthday is Wednesday so I will be taking the day off (more good news), and visiting a local publisher to talk to them about a book I’ve been getting ready for publication! *wish me luck*

Sunny Sunday May 22, 2016

5,000 People Get Free Lunch Made From ‘Ugly’ Fruits And Vegetables

Sometimes, people just want a good meal, and they really don’t care what the ingredients looked like before becoming the final product. We need to stop wasting so much food when there are so many people going hungry all over the world!

Since Stuart started his efforts, many supermarkets have changed policies and sell “ugly” fruits and vegetables at a discount.

Photo Of State Trooper Sharing Meal With Homeless Mother Goes Viral

Another story about feeding people. If we all just helped one person a day imagine the world we would live in. And, by-the-way, even a smile goes a long way!

Firefighter Embraces 3-Year-Old With Cancer, Makes His Dream Come True

You just have to read this story and look closely at the great photo…a picture is truly worth a thousand words!


When I first saw this story my initial reaction was “Who on earth abandons a puppy?” But as the friend of Jennifer who runs Bosley’s Place in Atlanta I know it happens all too often! Thankfully there was somewhere there to rescue Daisy and she will now be a fixture at the ballpark.

Daisy comes in to the office every day to help ship out Bananas merchandise and greet visitors dropping by to purchase 5-game plans and merchandise.

This Grocery Store On Wheels Is Bringing Fresh And Healthy Food To Low-Income Areas

Wow! What an amazing idea, and it would be awesome to see these traveling grocery stores in cities across the nation! The St. Louis Metro Market is a 501(c)3 – consider making a donation today!


Photo courtesy of The St. Louis Metro Market website

Troops hold surprise parade for teen who beat stage 4 cancer: ‘He is a true soldier’

As a military dependent I always have a soft spot in my heart for those that serve our nation. This group from the U.S. Army went above and beyond!

Lopez, 13, was stunned when a group of soldiers showed up in parade formation at his home in Dorcester, Massachusetts, on Tuesday to honor his perseverance in beating stage 4 cancer.

Army Vet Paddleboarding 3,500 Miles to Support Wounded Warriors

There are so many veterans trying to make it day-by-day due to the side effects of PTSD. One Army veteran is doing something to make a difference!

In 1998, he helped save her after a devastating fire. In 2016, he watched her graduate college.

I love stories where years later a police officer, firefighter or EMT are reconnected with a person they saved or do something like attend their college graduation. This took place in my home state of Connecticut so it’s particularly close to my heart!

After teddy bear changes her life, College student pays kindness forward with 500 donated teddy bears

I love seeing kids do great things, and making a difference! It is inspirational and makes me think I need to do more to help others!

Man Plans to Fly 80 Rhinos to Australia to Protect them From Poachers–and Extinction

We’ve all seen the terrible photos of people standing beside large animals having killed them for game. Even worse are the cruel poachers who are killing animals to steal their body parts for one reason or another. One ambitious man is planning to save 80 rhinos from imminent death.

I thought Australia is one of the safest places on the planet to start this breeding herd,” Deerlove told ABC News. “With the eventual intention that they would be repatriated to Africa when those [poaching] issues are sorted out.”

Let me know what you think of these happy stories, and feel free to share a link to some you’ve found inspiring!