Okay, okay – Pinterest is addictive! I know this! But, I’ve been very good at controlling the amount of time I’m on there because I know I could just get carried away and spend hours upon hours on there without the blink of an eye!

This year I’m promising myself I’m going to make something of all these boards I have out there and my goodness I’m going to get busy making stuff from those boards!  If you’ve seen on the home page of my website, I have a tagline that reads “Turning Pinterest boards into reality!” – this isn’t because I’ve been busy making things that I want (that’s for sure). What that tagline really means is that my friends see things on Pinterest and ask me if I can make it. And, most times, the answer is a resounding YES. Heck…I will give most things a try at least once (except bungee jumping – that’s simply not going to happen).

Here is where you can find my board titled To Do in 2013!

And some examples include…

I love this little trash receptacle you can use for your car.  It’s so cute and the fabric is lovely, too. I found it on Pinterest, but it comes from this great blog – A Ditchin’ Time Quilts (link goes to a tutorial for making these cute trash bags).

And this adorable thimble and pin necklace comes from another awesome blog – The Wind and The Sail: The Crafty Thoughts of Laura Stantz (link goes to tutorial for making this great necklace).

What Pinterest projects are on your list to complete this year? Feel free to share a link to one or all of your boards! We’d love to see what you are up to.

You can find me on Pinterest here!