Recently I had the pleasure of “meeting” Monica fromMon Câlin Dolls via a Facebook sewing group, Dolls and Daydreams, that I joined not too long ago. I joined for inspiration for making lovely dolls and stuffed animal type dolls. To date I have only been oohing and aahing over the dolls other people have made and that’s how I came to know Monica.

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

Monica posted a picture of dolls she made to help support and raise money for the families affected by the events at Pulse in Orlando. As someone who loves to write about small businesses AND charities or charitable giving, I knew I had to learn more about Monica and her business Mon Câlin Dolls. So, on that note I’d like to introduce you to Monica and share with you the answers to these “interview” questions.

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

When did you start your business?

March of 2015

What inspires you?

Classic Hollywood and Pinup Photography

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

Does a special memory come to mind when you work with a certain item, color, print?

I know this isn’t necessarily the question asked-

Being an entertainer from Orlando, the Pulse tragedy has hit very hard. Immediately my boyfriend and I went out to donate blood, but by then all facilities were at capacity. We needed groceries and headed to the store instead. As I stumbled around the store, it seemed crazy that the world could be doing everyday activities. This is when the idea came to me, since I had to wait to donate blood, in the interim maybe I could develop tribute dolls as a fundraiser for the victim’s GoFundMe. As soon as we returned home, I got to work. I didn’t know what the response would be and was incredibly nervous before releasing my first post the next morning. The reaction since has been overwhelming. I think people like the idea of being able to have a tangible symbol while also giving to the cause. Many have been purchasing them as gifts for others that have been personally affected.

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

Are other people in your family artistic, crafty, etc?

My grandmother sewed, I started when I was given her machine. My mother and brother both crochet and my father is a professional musician.

Does anyone else in your family own a business? Or any family work with you?

My dad owns a music store in South Florida, my mom has been my most avid “sponsor” and she, my brother and my boyfriend have all worked occasional shifts in my “sweatshop.”

Do you have a motto or favorite quote (that you live by)?

“Happy girls are the prettiest girls” – Audrey Hepburn

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

What is your business mission statement or tagline?

Specializing in all things adorable

If you wake up in the morning and don’t have the desire to work on something you know you need to finish – what makes you forge ahead?

I try to break it down into segments while either watching something that interests me or listening to music that pumps me up.

What has been your favorite project?

This current Pulse project has been the most meaningful, before that, hmmmm… Most recently I was very happy with a Burlesque Ballerina Piggy

Mon Câlin Dolls {Small Business Spotlight}

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There is nothing like a wonderful testimonial from a happy customer!

“I live and work in Orlando at a college and we just learned that many of the victims were students at our college… it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Thank you for doing this, for using your creativity to help those affected. I will proudly display this girl on my desk as a reminder. Thank you.” ~Amanda King



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