Well…it’s that time of year again! Single’s Awareness Day – oops, I mean Valentine’s Day! February 14th is the day that love birds young and old find ways to express their love and admiration for that special someone.

This time last year I wasn’t thinking about Valentine’s Day – I mean, it’s just January people! However, take a look around the drug stores and big box stores and you will see that it has been Valentine’s Day since before the ball dropped at midnight New Year’s Day! I had to wrap my mind around the fact that if I want to market and sell holiday themed items I have to think of each holiday and prepare for it 2-3 months in advance (so much for living life one holiday at a time). When I finally thought about Valentine’s Day last year it was mainly because a friend of mine was looking for something cute for her daughter to exchange with her friends at school. I made these adorable little felt heart “people” magnets and they were a huge hit!

I also made these adorable felt fortune cookies which I added custom notes to – one customer asked me to print out inspirational quotes to put in each fortune cookie so she could give them to her daughter in nursing school. I found 20 or so quotes for her to pick from. The best part was packing them up in Chinese to-go boxes!

This year, as mentioned in my “2013 – The Year of the Craft” post I’ve been working on some glass heart ornaments. I found them on sale at Michael’s Craft Store after the Christmas season. I bought 14 boxes which was all they had available – trust me I would have bought more if they had them. I bought 2 thinking I could do something with them for Christmas this year, and went back for the rest as soon as I realized they would make cute gifts for kids to exchange at school or for someone to decorate their mantel or another focal area in their home this Valentine’s Day.

Here is an example of some of the hearts…I have them available in my shop if you are not up to making them yourself. But if you do want to give it a try the very important trick I learned searching the web and reading various blogs and tutorials is to swish around a little floor cleaner (pour the excess back in the bottle) and then put glitter in the ornament ensuring you cover all of the interior. Once you know you have everything covered you can dump out the extra glitter to use in the next heart (or other glass ornament).

One other thing that I created this week for Valentine’s Day is this super fun feather Valentine’s Day wreath. It is made out of red and white feather boas including some ostrich feathers. I painted wooden hearts and decorated them to say Happy HEART Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day (just a tad early)!

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