Halloween is coming and everyone loves a great DIY project, right?  My friend Jen M is here today to share this super cute Jack-O-Jars DIY project with all of us!

Jack-o-Jars (1) v2

Hi I’m Jen and today we are going to learn how to make these fun jars to serve drinks in for any Halloween party or get together. I’m so excited to share this tutorial today and my kids are so excited to drink out of these Jack o Lantern jars!

Jack-o-Jars (2) v2

So lets talk about the things you will need.

  • Jars – I used wide mouth pint jars.
  • Scissors or a Silhouette to cut your designs
  • Vinyl – You can buy this in sheets at Joann’s in the scrapbook paper section
  • Transfer tape – This is also available in sheets at Joann’s in the same section

Jack-o-Jars (3) v2

You also need your favorite orange punch recipe. I used Orange Sherbet, 7up, and some cherry syrup.

Jack-o-Jars (4) v2

Here are my designs after cutting them out on the Silhouette and weeding away the excess vinyl. I also did a fun spider that I bought from the Silhouette Store.

Jack-o-Jars (5) v2

I cut a design with scissors too…

Jack-o-Jars (6) v2

Here it is. I just cut it free hand, but you could draw it out on the back of the vinyl sheet (on the paper backing) to be sure you get it right.

Jack-o-Jars (7) v2

Put your transfer tape on top of your design and rub. Then peel the transfer tape with your design away from the vinyl backing.

Jack-o-Jars (8) v2

After you have pulled it off it will look like this.

Jack-o-Jars (9) v2

Line it up on your jar and press down.

Jack-o-Jars (10) v2

Make sure you have pressed the vinyl down well….

Jack-o-Jars (11) v2

And then peel away the transfer tape.

Jack-o-Jars (12) v2

Now your jar is ready for some punch!

Jack-o-Jars (13) v2

Throw in some fun straws and you have the perfect drinks for your party!

Jack-o-Jars (14) v2

Here they are lit up just for fun!

I plan to use these jars for a fun Halloween dinner party with my family. Sometimes a little party with my husband and kiddos is just as fun! Don’t feel like you have a throw a big party to try some of these fun ideas.

Happy Halloween!!