Oh January…as if it’s not bad enough that you make me shiver and wear socks when I really want to be in super cute shoes or sandals with my pretty toes peeking out, but you have really dealt us a difficult hand this year! Sorry to my blog followers that I haven’t posted anything crafty or about some of my favorite small businesses lately. I promise to have some good posts for you again soon.

Besides having my horribly painful surgery at the end of December, my dear, sweet 91 year-old Grammy has taken a turn for the worse. My grandfather (Buppy) died 8.5 years ago and we really worried my Grammy would not make it very long after he passed away because they were so very in love with each other. She stayed strong though and has lived alone since the day he died, until December 2013 when she fell too many times that we had to have the ambulance come and after a stay at the hospital she was transferred to a nursing home (Groton Regency in Groton, CT who have been AMAZING) knowing she would not go home again.

Friday, January 10th while my mom and I took the dog for a ride in the car my mother received a call from my Grammy’s doctor saying they did not expect her to make it through the weekend unless they gave her some fluids and antibiotic for an extreme infection. We authorized the fluids and antibiotics (my Grammy has a DNR in place) just to see if it would make a difference. She was still pretty weak on Monday so we planned to drive to CT from GA to say our goodbyes. Mom, my step-father, the dog and I packed up and hit the road!

We made it to CT on Wednesday, January 15th late in the day and went to visit Grammy. For the 4 days we visited she rallied and seemed to be in good spirits – probably just for us. It was so difficult to see my Grammy like that – she was always a vibrant person. She and my Buppy participated in many shows at the Groton Senior Citizen Center – singing and dancing and having a great time! Seeing her laying in a bed having a difficult time speaking was very hard for me (I cry over Hallmark commercials).

She is still hanging on, and while we don’t want to lose her, we are praying that she passes quietly in her sleep sooner rather than later so that she can rest in peace and meet up with Buppy so they can dance once again – this time on streets of gold in Heaven! I can see them doing the Fox Trot and enjoying every minute of it!

We are home in GA again…waiting on the dreaded call. But, I have a picture that was taken the day we said goodbye that I will be able to cherish forever!

Heather (2)

I plan to print this photo out to keep on my desk!

Do you have any fond memories of families that have passed? Or any words of wisdom to share?