My friend Heather A is here again (she’s the one shared the yummy cucumber sandwiches with us) to share some family Halloween traditions.

This is her fun family when the Twinners were just little…

Family Halloween Traditions (1)

And as you can tell we are pretty… crazy! HAHA.This photo just makes me happy quite honestly, we aren’t perfect and that’s okay!! Not every activity I plan goes exactly how I planned it… sometimes kids cry, stuff gets spilt, someone throws up, me and the hubby get in an argument, we arrive late, someone pees their pants, I cry… you get the picture! But none of that is important, what is important is that I tried and my kids will remember that! So I plan to share all that with you, the good, the bad and sometimes the UGLY. Because it is ok and we will laugh at that later!!

It is almost October and I want to focus on Halloween Fun! Last year I started to make this Halloween countdown, I finally finished it this year! Hey, I warned you I wasn’t perfect!! Being pregnant with twins wore me out, yo! The look on my 4 year old’s face and his exclamation of how cool it was when I put it up on the 7th of October this year, made my feeling of inadequacy disappear! He didn’t even care that he missed out on the first few days of it! Yay!!

Family Halloween Traditions (2)

There are so many fun, cute and easy Halloween countdown ideas on Pinterest!  Check them out and create your own!

With ours I have my 4 year old move the ghost stick every day and give him a little treat and/or let him know about the fun Halloween activity we’re doing that day! Here is a list of fun activities you can do with your families…

  • Decorate your home for Halloween
  • Go to Halloween store or pick out your costumes as a family online
  • Visit an Apple orchard and pick apples
  • Make Apple Pie together
  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch and get your pumpkins
  • Do a cute photo shoot of your kids in their costumes
  • Plan a fun Halloween party for your kids
  • Plan an awesome adult party for yourself
  • Make a spooky dinner for your family
  • Make fun Halloween crafts
  • Carve your pumpkins together
  • Bake pumpkin seeds
  • Watch ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween movies
  • Plan or participate in a “Trunk or Treat” at church or with an organization, everyone passes out candy from the trunks of their cars in a parking lot.
  • Go to a haunted house
  • And of course TRICK OR TREATING!! 🙂

Family Halloween Traditions (3)

I chose to share our recipe for Apple Pie and a little photo “HOW TO” with you! So easy and fun to bake with your kids, one of my favorite things to do with my son!


8 Cups of peeled and sliced apples (whatever your favorite are, we like Granny Smith)
12 Tbsp Flour
1 ½ cup of Sugar
4 tsp Cinnamon
4 Tbsp Butter
Box of Pillsbury Pie Crust, or your own home made kind

Step 1 – Peel and slice apples, we use an apple peeler/slicer/corer thingy. So fun for the kids!
Step 2 – Cut up into smaller sections and add to a big bowl.
Step 3 – Add flour, sugar and cinnamon.
Step 4 – Mix through.
Step 5 – Prepare your crust, cut to fit pie tin/dish and put in bottom crust.
Step 6 – Spoon in filling, mound it up so it is higher than the edge of the crust.
Step 7 – cut up the butter into small cubes and place onto top of the apple mixture.
Step 8 – Put on the top crust, roll and pinch the edges with the bottom crust edges. Cut small lines into the top crust for venting and add any fun decorations with extra dough.
Step 9 – Bake at 400 for 30 minutes (if it is a full regular sized pie).
Step 10 – EAT UP! Yummy!

*For smaller pies like the ones in the photo, bake for 20 minutes. We also cut the recipe in half for those 6 little tins. You can also make 24 mini pies using a muffin tin and the full recipe, you’ll need an extra box of pie crust though and bake for 15-20 minutes!