You know what’s fun? Three kids with birthdays all close to each other AND within 2 months of Christmas. And, what I really mean is 3 birthdays in December and January. Well, Kim from Steel & Sugar Photography, you know – my friend who has done some amazing photographs for me – has 3 kids that fit that criteria!

She said she’d never do it, but sometimes parents have to go against their own rules for the sake of sanity! Birthday parties are a lot of work! 3 birthday parties? Well, that could put even the most organized mom into a frenzy. So Kim did what she does best and whipped up something pretty amazing! And, because we are lucky, she is sharing this Birthday Party Invitations DIY project with us!


If you throw birthday parties then you know how much work and craziness can go into them. Well, imagine that you have 3 kids with birthdays in December and January. Yep, 3 in two months right after Christmas. I swore that I would always let them have their own day and NEVER combine the parties.

Last year I broke my own rule. Three parties in one.

Birthday Party Invitations Cupcakes

I justified it to myself by making them each their own themed table and invitations. {And I wanted to hire a balloon/make-up artist to come too. Can’t afford that 3 times!}

First we had to come up with a theme for each of them. Not an easy task for two of them. My littlest one was easy. Lalaloopsy dolls are her favorite thing to play with. She even sleeps with them.  ALL of them.

Birthday Party Invitations (6)

My oldest finally decided on Oh Snap! a camera party. She’s constantly taking photos with anything with a camera – iPad, my phone, my iPad- anything. So it fits her.

Birthday Party Invitations (14)

My middle one…..she took her sweet time deciding on a theme. After going through a few ideas {and me saying NO to a lot of her ideas} we landed on Mustaches and Tutus. Which, believe it or not, fits her personality perfectly. She’s always making funny faces and being very comical all while wearing something frilly.

Birthday Party Invitations (1)

I have always made made my own invitations so when Heather introduced me to Canva I knew I had to use their site to design them. It’s an amazing design website with loads of templates and graphics that you can use for free and even more that you can pay for.  It was so easy and so fun! I had an issue with the text after I downloaded my finished design. Their customer service was amazing. The rep fixed my issue for me very promptly. I encourage you to check them out if you have a need to design anything from social media to blog graphics. As of yet, Canva doesn’t have a print company they are linked to for you to have your creations printed. I used my favorite pro print shop.

Birthday Party Invitations Tables

Are you ready to plan a party and create your own invitations?  Look at the beautiful stuff you can create on Canva!