Winner is Jean P

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the oils as much as I do. A big thank you to everyone who entered our doTERRA Essential Oils Gift Set Giveaway and for all your great comments! For anyone who is ready to take the plunge and purchase some oils, I’ve put together some great deals for all our Gemini Red Creation readers.

The most common way to buy oils is to buy an enrollment kit. This gives you a wholesale account (which lets you buy oils at 25% less than retail) as well as a good variety of oils to start with. The most popular kits are the Family Physician Kit and the Home Essentials Kit. They both contain the same oils (the 10 most popular), but the main difference is that the Family Physician kit has them in the 5mL size while the Home Essentials kit has most of them in the 15mL size and comes with a diffuser.

Here’s a link to some of their kits

doTerra sign up


All these promos will be available from February 22-28th, 2015 by ordering on my website:

(Point Value for Oils is 1 PV=$1)

  • Make any purchase = free mini booklet about how to use your oils & a sample oil of your choice.
  • 100 PV purchase = free 15mL bottle of Wild Orange Essential Oil & a glass rollerball plus #1.
  • 200 PV purchase = free 15 mL bottle of Lime Essential Oil & a glass rollerball plus #1 & #2.

(The rollerballs are great for diluting oils or for ease of applying.)

doTerra Oils and book

It gets even better! Sign up for doTERRA’s New Year, New You Promo and receive 100 FREE PV points as well as my three promos above.

Here’s how you qualify for your free points:

  1. Buy an enrollment kit which includes the wholesale membership account.
  2. Or you can purchase the membership separately ($35) and then purchase 100PV in oils. Both will let you buy oils for a whole year at 25% off retail price.
  3. Sign up for their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP-it’s free) and set up your second order for 100PV for some time in the month of March.
  4. Follow those 3 steps and I will email you your code to redeem. Your account will then be credited with 100PV points good towards any Essential Oils or Oil blends of your choice.

doTerra 100PPV

So for the price of $200 worth of oils, you will get $300 worth, plus you will qualify for my personal promos above, adding on another $30 worth. If you were already interested in purchasing some oils, this is a fantastic deal. It only comes around once a year so grab it before it’s gone!

How to Order

Wholesale/IPC Member (IPC =Independent Product Consultant): 25% off Suggested Retail Price

  1. Go to
  2. Bottom left corner click on SignUp/Join
  3. Choose your country & then starting on Step 3 fill out all your information & products you wish to purchase. Here is where you can either choose a kit or the $35 fee for a wholesale account.

Retail: Pay full price

  1. Go to
  2. Top right corner is a tab that says Shop for Products. Go through there and then order whatever you would like.

Thanks for all your support. Let me know if I can answer any questions! I’d love to chat with you. You can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks!

-Heather L.