A friend at work texted me 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night…”I’m in need of a horrible Christmas sweater, any ideas?” Well..of course I have ideas! My first thought was “it’s 5:33pm on a Saturday – I hope he doesn’t need the sweater today.” Luckily he needed it a week from then. He informed me that he had been to 3 thrift stores and some others (Wal-Mart, etc) and couldn’t find anything (besides the woman who walked in one store wearing such a thing).

I ended up telling him that if he just bought a cheap sweater I would decorate it with extra fabric and stuff I had in my sewing room – and then the wheels in my head started turning. I did, however, have a fleeting moment where my inner self said “you can’t create anything ugly!”

This is the BEFORE picture of said sweater (vest).

The first thought around the design was that it must have a snowman.  And, if it was going to have a snowman, then it must be a stuffed snowman.  And if it was going to be a stuffed snowman, then it must curve around the body from back to front. And this is how the snowman was born.

And from there I added a real stocking to the front which my friend filled with candy canes to hand out at the party. Next we a bunch of little Christmas trees across the bottom front and a large Christmas tree with buttons and large sparkly star on the back. I added a bell to every tree on the front, a couple of sequin decals on the back (I found them in the scrapbook area at Michael’s craft store but sewed them on) and the piece de resistance for me was the thick felt deer I put on the front and giant red ric rac around the collar.

Ugly Sweater Collage

So…now I just need to figure out how to market these and make them for parties next year! It was so fun putting it together. And, I should mention – IT WON FIRST PLACE AT THE PARTY!

11/23/13 – **Update** You can purchase your own customized Ugly Christmas Sweater in my GeminiRed Creations Etsy shop

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I’d love to hear your ugly Christmas sweater stories…