The title is an oxymoron, I know that, but if you say my craft/sewing room you would understand. I posted an Instragram (you can follow me at geminiredcraft) photo the other day of my room with the caption “Thankfully the bombs that go off in my sewing room are not as noisy as they are messy!!”


I had WAY too many projects happening at one time, but I can say I successfully finished and shipped them, oh…and hung one on my mom’s front door.  And maybe a couple of things were just for stock.  But what I have received payment for is happily packed up and on the way to their new homes.

A few people commented that it’s not messy since you can still see the floor, but in all fairness there was a large section (near where I was standing to take this photo) where tripping is required!  I think I will give myself a “pass” on the mess though considering all that I got done.  Here’s a glimpse into the accomplishments…

FIVE little girl’s rings (okay…10 of them really, but I was humming Fiiivvve Golden Rings…)

FOUR aprons (2 the same of the apron with turquoise with white polka dots and the flower details):

FOUR bottle cap magnets (with my name on them):

Bottle cap magnets

THREE Easter wreaths:


THREE blinged out bracelets:

Blinged Out Bracelets

TWO pairs of earrings:

ONE beautiful glass bead and cross bracelet (to the tune of a Partridge in a Pear Tree):

Rainbow Glass Bead Cross Bracelet

And, while technically I can understand the catastrophe that was my crafting room, boy it’s just too much for me to take in with that mess all over the place.  I went to bed with it a mess and then added to it in the morning by way of the pile of fabric just purchased, washed and dried…oh my!


But alas, tonight as I go to bed, at least I know it’s a little neater than it was this morning and I have nothing on my “to do” list that must be done by a particular date!  And by neater, I hope you realize that just means I put away the extra table, stashed away some stuff behind a little curtain, and attempted to fold the newly washed fabric and drape it nicely over the back of my chair – right where it belongs (or at least in the general vicinity)!

Craft Room after 021913

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