“Show me the money” – in my best Cuba Gooding voice!


I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to be a winner…everyday we do something with the hopes of being the next “big {insert your goal here}” and so I’ve teamed up with some really great gals who are bloggers and/or business owners and we want someone to win some CASH, DOLLARS, LOOT, GREENBACKS, BUCKS – you get my drift (I hope).

Thanks to these great ladies we want to give you a chance to WIN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!  Yep $150.00!!!

Ashley at BabyBug Creations

Yvesnick at Yves Treasure Shoppe

Jamie at Droopy Daisy

Michelle at Michelle Bleu Jewelry Designs

Trish at Lemon Drop Creations

Amanda at Joyful Home Designs

Tiffany at Hot Southern Mess Designs

Jessica at Fresh-Squeezed Flair

Sabrina at Hugs & Love by Sabrina

Kristen at Ten to Twenty and Four Hens and a Rooster

Heather at Hand Crafted

Zoe at Giggles n’ Gifts

Jennifer P at Jen’s Room

Jennifer B at Freedom Love

Julie at The Doodling Bug

Casey at Personally Yours by Casey

Me (Heather) at GeminiRed Creations

Scott & Nicole at Wickedly Wooden

These companies represent everything from jewelry to wallets to blogging about teens and family to gift shops to custom handbags to coasters to hand carved wood items to everything in between!  Please be sure to show them all some love…and, if you don’t know who they are and haven’t shopped with them or followed their blogs you are sorely missing out!

Enter here… (and mobile friendly link – http://bit.ly/Vng5zL)

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At GeminiRed Creations, we love your feedback!  If you want more giveaways like this be sure to let me know!