Some of you may know that for the last 2 years I’ve manned my friend’s booth, Rinse Bath & Body, at the local Marietta Square Farmer’s Market.  Well, this Saturday is the start of year 3 and I can’t wait. I love being there, talking to the customers, and meeting lots of great people. And, the following day – Easter Sunday – I will be manning the Rinse booth at The Blue Market held at Blue Mark Studios which is an awesome old church that has been repurposed into a studio. The 2nd Sunday of every month lots of great, local artisans get together at this incredible venue and sell their fabulous wares!

I will not be featuring my GeminiRed Creations items, but I will have a few with me. This particular event is dedicated to my friend’s business. As you all should know by now – I’m a huge fan of small business and helping entrepreneurs succeed!  Please come check out this event – if you can’t make it on Sunday because of family obligations, I look forward to seeing you in May!

This is a list of local artists who have signed up for April 8th –

* A. Thai Jewelry * Dana Burrell, Terminus Studios * GMC Brushworks and Imprints *

* K. Bailey * Mark of the Sun Ceramics by Jill Slavin * Only Natural Jewelry *

* Portia Mack Collection * Rinse * Silver Talisman *

* Survivehers * Susan Hnatuick * Taaliyah Creations *

AND…there will be some awesome food trucks too!  Last time I was there The Good Food truck was there (their truck serves something called The Poodle – it’s a hotdog on a french toast bun with apple slaw – OMG).  Anyway…I know everything will be great and you really should check it out and support local artists in the area!