It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…Holiday Shopping Season!

Greetings! The Christmas and holiday shopping season is upon us so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my friend Kim’s great gift ideas for the photographer or photography enthusiast on your shopping list. This is also a great list to keep for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, just because days…you get the idea. Kim is a talented photographer at Lewis Creek Photography who has so graciously done photo shoots for me from time to time for the products I have in my shop.

These selections are all from Kim’s first hand experience as a photographer – complete with her commentary on each item. You will find links to her favorite items should you decide to purchase them for yourself (or as a gift…after all it is the holiday season). And, in support of small businesses you will find links to some unique and handmade gift options.

Lowepro DMC-Z Accessory Wallet (Black)

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It is so important to keep organized and have plenty of memory on hand when out shooting. A memory holder like this will help with both. It accommodates a variety of card sizes. You can also tuck your extra battery in the back of mine. This is the model Kim owns but there are many options out there at local camera shops and online.

LensPen NLP-1

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By far, one of the handiest items Kim ever put on her gift list was this Lens Pen. It has a brush on one end for dusting off dirt and fuzz from lens and camera parts and a lens cleaner at the other end for removing smudges and dirt from the glass surface. Perfect stocking stuffer!

Lens Mug

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If the person on your gift list is like Kim and is both a photography AND coffee enthusiast, then you can’t go wrong with one of these cute travel mugs shaped like a lens. They have incredibly realistic details that will make people look twice for sure.

Camera Flash Drive

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Okay, when Kim saw this, she instantly bought one for her friend and one for herself. With 4GB of storage, this little camera can hold hundreds of photos. Kim uses her’s for all of her photography e-books, reference files, and ideas (like gift lists!). It comes in both Canon and Nikon models.

Camera Cookie Cutters

Photography Gifts (5)

Camera shaped cookie cutters? Yes, please! Make up some sweet treats for your next open house, photographer group get-together, or just for yourself. They would probably be fun to use with polymer clay, like Sculpey, to make ornaments.

As mentioned earlier, it’s great to support small businesses so when it comes to gift giving, one of my first stops is usually sites like Etsy. A few quick searches for key words like ‘camera’, ‘photography’, or ‘photo gifts’ will yield thousands of options and ideas. Kim and I both have many friends with Etsy and other online eCommerce shops.

Oh shoot – unisex camera bracelet

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This bracelet is adorable and perfect for any photographer on your gift list. I love all of the color options! Check it out in the shop of Hot Southern Mess Designs.

DSLR Padded Camera Strap Cover

DSLR Padded Camera Strap Cover

Choose from the designs in the photo or preview the many fabric choices available to create a custom look for this fabulous camera strap cover. It includes clever details like a lens cap pocket and SD memory card pockets! Thanks, Kim, for choosing a product in my shop.

Resin Camera Ornament

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Here is a little tidbit from Kim’s shop on Etsy, Lewis Creek Photo. I cast these resin ornaments in molds made from my own original clay design. They are fun to do and can be made in just about any color.  Sadly, they are currently out of stock, but I’m stocking the page to see when they will be back in.

Needle Felted Owl Ornament – Holding Camera

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Kim stumbled across this little gem when searching for felted pumpkins (equally adorable from this artist) and could not resist ordering this ornament. After receiving it and seeing the incredible talent and detail, she knew it would be perfect for this gift list.

Mini Camera Charms – Laser Cut Wood

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These little camera charms are just adorable and even better in person. If giving a “green” gift is important to you or the recipient, this company is a perfect source. They use sustainable practices for harvesting and curing the wood used in all of their pieces.

Hopefully, this post provides you with some great ideas and variety for all of the photographers you know and love (or maybe yourself!) on your holiday gift-giving list. Happy Shopping!

Do you have any favorite photography gifts?

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