Growing up my Grammy would make Pets de soeurs and they were amazing!  I have renamed them Cinnamon Sugar Pinwheels because my years of high school French fails me at this stage in life! I have zero idea how to really pronounce Pets de soeurs and I’m pretty sure growing up I pronounced it pet de surd.  In an effort to see if pet de surd was a “real” name for anything I erred on the side of caution and typed it into Google at pet de sur and voila – Pets de soeurs showed up in Wikipedi! Once again…Google and Wikipedi to the rescue.

Pets de soeurs (3)

Recently my mother made some and out of spite I texted a picture to my brother with the caption “this is happening right now” and this was what I got in return…

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.14.49 PM

He didn’t even give me a chance to double check with my mom about the recipe before giving up! I did give him the recipe so don’t feel too bad for him.

If you look at the Wikipedi link above you will see that they use brown sugar and some use molasses, my mom uses butter, cinnamon and sugar (my comment to my brother was to “use 3 times as much sugar as mom would”).

Pets de soeurs (1)

My Grammy used to make delicious homemade pies (at least that’s what I’m told…I’m not a fan of pies) and she made the most amazing crust!  Always fresh and homemade. She used that same crust to make her Pets de soeurs.  My mother has made them using pre-packaged pie crust and with enough cinnamon and sugar you can totally ignore that it’s not homemade.

Take your pre-packaged pie crust and roll it out on your “pie crust rolling out surface” and spread butter all over it, sprinkle with LOTS of cinnamon and sugar, roll tightly, brush more butter on top and add more cinnamon and sugar on top, cut on the diagonal and place on your baking sheet…bake and prepare to enjoy!  Knowing I suck at cooking you will understand this exchange with my mom…

Me: Bake at 350?
Mom: No, pie crust is 450
Me: I thought 350 was the “staple”.  How long do you bake it?
Mom: Until golden brown – about 15 minutes
Me: 15 minutes?  That doesn’t sound long.  Is the crust pre-cooked?
Mom (with an exasperated look): Do you think I could roll it if it was already cooked? *pointing to the baked goodies that are clearly too hard to roll*

Maybe one of these days I will catch on to this cooking thing (though I really hope I don’t).