I’m not sure what you are up to this week, but I will be partying for 6 straight days! Okay, I will really be working at my full-time job and partying some at night, but I will be partying it up blogger style!

If you are new to my blog and website, thanks so much for stopping by!  I started my blog a couple of years ago just to talk about my craft habits and my love of small business.  I then morphed it into my website where I sell a lot of the things friends have asked me to make for them over the years.  I love everything about crafting (although I have realized I don’t love to make jewelry unless it’s made with leather) and everything about being a small business owner.  I miss the days of owning a business full-time, but for now working in Corporate America is what I need to have any sense of sanity (that’s an oxymoron – Corporate America / sanity – hahaha) and normalcy in my life.  One day I hope to have a small gift shop / co-op selling my items and the handmade items of other locals as well as fun and festive fabric!

I also hope to launch a non-profit one day called GeminiRed Cares where I can help people with many different needs…driving people to the doctors, rescuing a lost kitty, painting or gardening for an elderly couple, and much more!  This world needs a lot more love!

Again…thank you for stopping by! Check out my affiliate links which are a collection of my favorite shops, visit my list of favorite websites and blogs, and check out my current web special – buy 10 Pura Vida bracelets and you get 1 FREE (a special surprise bracelet not even listed on my site).  Most of my items are custom made with the fabric of your choice!