Let me start by saying I don’t cook (I have cooked, but it was less than successful so I’m better off not cooking). My Grammy, who just went to Heaven on January 31, 2014, had a great recipe for banana bread! My mother has made this recipe many, many times and it’s my favorite.  I can tell instantly if she uses a different recipe (you should know I can’t tell if I’m eating pork or chicken sometimes, but I always know my Grammy’s banana bread!!

We are going to laminate the recipe because it’s in my Grammy’s own handwriting, and is a treasured memory. And, today, I’m going to share it with you. By-the-way, for all we know this came from a magazine or a Betty Crocker cookbook years ago – but to us it will always be Grammy’s Banana Bread!

I hope you make this for you and your family and enjoy every bite!

Grammys Banana Bread

Grab a PDF version of the recipe so you can make it for your family!

Do you have a favorite family recipe or memory of someone baking something special while you were growing up?