There is simply nothing better than a day of learning. And a day of learning via Bloggy Boot Camp {Atlanta} is just that much better!  I won’t lie…I was really close to “not” going even though I bought my ticket months ago and was so looking forward to it. After my dad passed away in August I’ve tried to keep busy doing things that include my mom. She and I have always done lots of stuff together so that’s nothing new, but we’ve been together every day with the exception of me going into the office a few days the past 2 weeks. Today was the first weekend day I would be gone all day and it broke my heart a little.

If I am to be totally honest, though, I needed to attend this event. My life’s goal has always been to get to a place where I can take care of my parents. And, on August 25th when our lives were turned upside down I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this goal was even more important to me. I want to be able to do as much as possible for my mom, my dad and my step-mom. To do that – I need to grow my blog and find new ways to connect with my readers, brands, and everyone in between. I do have affiliate links on my website / blog, and they do generate revenue when you shop using those links. They aren’t enough to retire on (any time in the near future), but I’d love for them to generate enough money to help my family (and friends if I am able). I have never hidden the fact that I have affiliate links or have written and shared sponsored posts in order to earn an income. I certainly hope no one is offended by this. I think we all have ways we earn money for our family. Consider this my “part-time” {2nd} job. Only…instead of working nights at the local mall, I’m writing, sharing, and working doing something I enjoy {which is writing in case you missed that along the way – part of the writing includes making fun of myself which is one of the perks and part of it is sharing my passion for small business / entrepreneurship and some DIY stuff}.

Today I was reminded that not everyone is going to “get” that I want to blog and enjoy blogging. And, not everyone will “get” that I can actually make money doing it if I work at it. That’s okay. Everyone doesn’t have to “get” it.

Bloggy Boot Camp wine party

I really enjoyed learning tips for optimizing Pinterest, affiliate links, and more. Two things, however, really stood out to me.

(1) It’s important to think about your “end game” – I would saw this is important no matter what job you have in your life. You need to think about whether or not you are working just to work, working for the moment, or working for (and toward) your end game. For some – their “end game” may be that they want to make enough money to retire early and hang out around the house crafting, or maybe it’s to travel the country, or even more – the world! My “end game” is owning my own business full-time again and making enough money to care for my family and help other small businesses.

(2) If it’s not a Hell yeah…it’s a hell no. This one is very important (for lots of people). We have all gotten so used to saying “yes” to everyone so as not to hurt feelings. I am one of those people who always wants to say yes – I like to help people. There are times I do things that I really would rather not.  So, from this point forward I will start practicing.

What is your end game? Do you have some things in your life you need to say no to?