Well, I fell off the bandwagon – HARD! I was doing so good participating in the 30 days of writing prompts for June 2014 and then I have no idea what happened.

Actually – I do know what happened.  I traveled to CT for work, I facilitated a group buy-in for some wonderful lockets I’m adding to my store, I house/pet sat for a weekend, and the list goes on and on.

So while all of that was happening here’s what we missed.

Day 18: Tattoo’s. What are your thoughts? If you have any, can we see some pictures?

I like them!  I have one (unfinished tattoo) that I’ve had since I was 21. I guess after 23 years I should just considered it finished.  it hurt! I really want another one on my foot, which I’ve talked about before, but maybe I’m too big of a baby! I love full sleeves on men…and I’m always intrigued by the women who have amazing works of art across their chest.

Tattoos 06-25-14

Day 19: What is your favorite memory from high school?

I have so many great memories from high school. I am very lucky that I had years of awesome friends, teachers and more! But, a fun memory is when my mother sent a singing bear to school for my 18th birthday! I wonder what made her think that would be “cool” for an 18 year old.


Day 20: Yesterday’s prompt was your favorite memory from high school! So tell us, exactly how long has it been since you graduated high school? What were you like in school?

Too long ago!!  Actually, this past fall 2013 was my 25th reunion. It is so very hard to believe that it had been that long. It was amazing to see so many wonderful friends, and disappointing at the same time to realize how many classmates we had already lost at such young ages.


Day 21: Today is the first official day of Summer!! Tell us about your FAVORITE summer!

It’s sad that I missed a post on the 1st day of Summer! I could have taken a lovely picture of the flowers and sunshine! There was no way, however, that I could have captured the pure hotness of that day. Here in GA it went from not hot to hot!  Although this isn’t from the 1st day of Summer, here is a picture from my mother’s garden.


Day 22: What is your absolute favorite animal?

I love all animals…except snakes, roaches (do they count as animals?), and butterflies and a few other gross creepy things. As a kid I wanted to trade my brother for a big black grizzly bear. Probably not a smart idea, but at the time I was sure that would have been way better than having a brother. I’ve always had a cat and/or dog.  I can’t imagine a house without a pet, though I do dream of clothes without fur on them.

Day 23: What is your dream job?

This is a tough question. I enjoy my day job, and I’m good at it. But, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t dream bigger and dream of things that are outside my comfort zone. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I do hope to own a business again some day. I’d love a little co-op with a fabric shop, the ability to have other vendors set up and sell their wares, and offer classes. It’s not a new concept – there are places around like that, but it’s something I’d love to do. Too bad I owe the SBA back for the business I lost in 2008…because of that it will be a very long time before I can ever do anything else on my own again. Unless I win the lottery, of course.

Day 24: What are 10 things you would buy with your last $20?

WOW! Can you even buy 10 things with $20? Maybe 2 scratch off lottery tickets with the hopes that I’d win a lot more than $20. A Butterfinger candy bar. A sandwich for a person in need. A bottle of water…seems I shouldn’t have much money left after that list.

Day 25: Write about a habit you have that is hard to break?

I tend to believe that any habit a person has is hard to break…because if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be doing it (if it’s a bad habit, that is). One that I’d like to break is saying “sorry” all the time. I have a habit of saying it for everything. If I am walking and come across someone I say “sorry” instead of “excuse me” and find that I’m perpetually sorry for no good reason. Say it enough times and people will begin to expect it from you. I am not a smoker, and have never been, but I see my friends and family struggling with that all the time. I quit drinking soda 13 years ago so I don’t deal with that habit anymore. And, I’ve never drank coffee or tea.  So, for now – look for me to work on stopping the whole “I’m sorry” thing!

I’m joining Crossroads Media Hub and some blogging friends of mine in the 30 Days of Writing Prompts – June 2014.  I am not promising a post every single day, but you never know.  There are some fun prompts on the list.  Want to join the fun?  Why don’t you!?  It’s the perfect way to get back into writing if you’ve been stuck for ideas, fun to read what others write about the same subject…and, well, just fun in general!