The summer holidays are fast approaching…Do you even realize how many darn holidays there are in the U.S.? I just looked it up on Google and I swear there is almost one per day and sometimes more than one for a specific day!

There are so many holidays that I didn’t even know existed – you can find a full list at For those of you who like to shop early and even stock up so you have gifts at the ready – I have a few deals for you this season, and they are absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day and Graduations specifically.

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Locket College for sale

Do you like to sew? Maybe you want to make a special gift for your loved ones for the upcoming special events and occasions. I have some lovely cotton woven fabrics available in my shop that are priced below other fabric and quilt shops.  Make a quilt, a small lap quilt, pillow, pillow cases, travel zipper pouch and more with these great fabrics.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming seasons and all the celebrations you have with your family. Remember to treasure them because, as my family and I learned last year, you never know when you won’t have them with you any longer! Wishing you many happy years and memories with your family and friends!  Lockets and handmade items are a great way to share something special with them!