It’s easy to hop in the car and head to the mall to get your holiday shopping done. However, what about small businesses in your own community? These stores and shops can provide just as much selection as the big box stores, and your town will benefit from your shopping much more than a huge conglomerate.

Read on for a few reasons you need to shop local this holiday season. Plus find out how I can help small businesses owners with their promotions – during the holidays and beyond!

4 Reasons You Need to Shop Local Business this Holiday Season

Put money back into the community. By shopping small businesses in your town, you are helping the economy of your area. Because small businesses typically purchase services from other local businesses, this is a win-win for everyone.

Find unique gifts. There are specialty items found in many small businesses that you can’t find at large retailers or even on the Internet. Step outside the box when doing your holiday shopping and you’ll likely give items that others don’t have – or even know existed!

Support families versus Corporate America. Many small businesses are operated by a family who support themselves with the profits earned with their store or service. It is important we help members of our own community rather than continue to line the pockets of large corporations in the country.

Lessen the environmental impact. When you shop local, you are likely reducing the pollution and traffic you will incur by traveling out of town to a big shopping mall. Plus, if there are more thriving small businesses in your area, less people have to commute for their job.


For this holiday season, GeminiRed Creations has set up a physical shop at a local salon in the Atlanta area. Stop by and pick up some great holiday gifts, and also visit the Expressions Boutique! Stop by Expressions Hair Studio, 2382 Bolton Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Small Business Spotlight

I love exposing my readers to new small businesses here at GeminiRed Creations. We can do an interview-style blog post about your business, detailing what you sell or offer as a service. You can also help you host a giveaway on our blog so that you can really reach our readers!

If you are a small business owner or know someone who is, please have them complete the form!

Holiday Gift Guide Promotion


I am also happy to feature small businesses in my Holiday Gift Guide. The guide will be on a single page and feature one of your items, a short description, and link for my readers to buy if they are interested. If you’d like more information, please check out the Holiday Gift Guide Submission page.